Peek-a-Cover - RM 38.00 each...

Many thanks to Debz and Baby Jack (look for his foot!) for the permission to use this photo :)

Peek-a-Cover (~Nursing Cover~)


  • Adjustable straps with hassle-free D-rings
  • Wide coverage - easily covers up a toddler two
  • Thin & lightweight 100% soft cotton material
  • Dark-coloured fabric reduces distractions (Due to popular demand, the Peek-a-Cover is now also avaialable in a selection of light colours)
  • Folds into a pocket for easy storage (unless otherwise stated)

Mono B

The contrast in this fabric is simply gorgeous. The white flowers stand out so much that it is hard to imagine it is indeed on a black background!

Mono C

Mono C... monochrome circles is what this is. Little Circles round and round, this particular fabric is amazingly soft yet durable.

Steady B

Love Blue? Love Stripes? Then, look no further than Steady B!

Vintage V

Super soft and super comfy Vintage V is by far the best seller. The colours are brighter than shown and more eye-catching than ever. Exactly as its name suggests, it's sure a vintage item! Please note that due to the softness of the fabric, Vintage V does not come with a pocket.


White Circles