Envirosax - The Features

Envirosax® reusable shopping bags are spreading the environmental message with style!

Envirosax bags provide an exclusive range of reusable shopping bags, while introducing an exciting new medium for the message of environmental sustainability. Design-led, in-expensive and colourful, Envirosax® environmental eco friendly shopping bags will carry the environmental message to a world ready to embrace a brighter ecological future.

Using eco-friendly reusable shopping bags instead of plastic bags is a culture, which will evolve over time. Envirosax bags makes the ‘move in the right direction’ easier by providing a bag that rolls up and becomes a lightweight and portable, 40 gram package. These groovy bags, available as single items, also come as an assortment of 5 durable waterproof, lightweight bags contained in a small pouch. The pouch is small enough to stow into a glove box or a handbag - Forgetting your green bags again is now a problem solved!

Challenging the lack of stylish or fashionable eco-friendly reusable shopping bags available, Envirosax has succeeded in providing an answer - producing bags, printed with exciting trendy graphics. What results is a tasteful and smart solution!Envirosax® -

Changing your way of life! PURCHASE an environmental eco friendly bag now and move in the right direction!