Peek-a-Doll Sling - The Features

No... not selling the bear but the doll sling...

Your child can have a sling, too! Children loves to mimick adults and you have been showing them a great example of babywearing. A doll sling is a sling made for a child to wear to carry their doll in. These doll slings are sure to bring lots of fun for the little ones as they carry their teddies and stuffed toys around. Don’t be surprised to find some little dinosaurs and trucks hiding in the sling!

Simple yet fun and gender neutral colours. The doll sling offers the same great features that the Peekaroobaby pouch has, so your child’s dolls and stuffed animals can be worn in comfort.
Made at 15.5", they usually can last your little one up to age of 6. If you require something smaller or bigger, do not hesitate to let me know ;)
However, please note that Doll Slings are not intended for use in carrying heavy objects or real babies or animals. They are intended for pretend play only.

These are 100% cotton, too!